Formerly an undergraduate at the University of Central Florida, I'm now a doctoral student at the University of Toronto under the co-advisement of Drs. Bob Murphy and Njal Rollinson. My research interests are broad, but typically involve the study of situations where different populations of the same species, or several closely-related species, are evolving and differentiating in dynamic geographic arrangements. Whether that arrangement is a recent dispersal, an ancient adaptive radiation, or the movements of today's "invasive" organisms, the same principles can be applied to learn how these events change a species. 

Biogeography, invasion biology, phylogenetics, population genetics

Current Projects

Desert snakes in the American Southwest


Studying the phylogeographic patterns of two common snakes in the deserts of the American Southwest.  

Globetrotting Bullfrogs


The American bullfrog has set up shop all over the world. Have these frogs changed in their new environment, and how has bullfrog farming influenced this process?